DG Photography

Born and raised in the Inland Empire of Southern California since 1987, a place surrounded by cities, and right dab in the middle of everything. I stuck by the hip hop heads and local tagging crews, the JDM racing scene, and the long rides on a street bike, the local MC's and the thursdays spoken word poetry night or Session A at Cal Poly Pomona. My scene is and was underground, and my pictures are reflections of it. I love the beauty of garbage near a set of railroad tracks with a graffiti infested bridge in the background as the sun sets. Or a 3 week old infant, whose mother can only see the greatest gift she has ever received, laying on a blanket, and since time will not stop for anyone she captures that 3 week old in that moment of time with a picture. Photography captures beauty in its most natural state, and I love to be a part of that.

Services offered:
˙ Boudoir
˙Head Shot
˙Show Vehicles
˙Weddings (will assist or do for free in the meantime)

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